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What 100 Good Questions To Ask A Girl To Know Her Better

What are some 100+ good questions to ask a girl to get to know her with heartily ? Better to know her over text ..

Welcome To Status-Ocean.com. Many things should be kept in mind while talking to the girl. So that it does not hurt her feelings and emotions.

And keeping those things in mind, you will get the best good questions to ask a girl you like here. Top smart questions to ask a girl to get to know her and blow her mind. New questions to ask a girl to get to know her for marriage.

See those questions are as follows :

Good Questions To Ask A Girl To Know Her -

1. What are best moments on your life?

2. Can you guess how old i am?

3. How much have you dated?

4. What is your favorite book?

5. What is your most memorable date?

6. What are you studying?

7. Do you have a Any dream?

8. Do you want boyfriend or husband?

9. What is the goal of your life?

10. What is your most precious hobbies?

11. Do you like to listen to songs?

12. What kind of song do you like?

13. Do you play any instruments?

14. Can there be any connection between money and love?

15. What do you think is success in life?

16. What do you think about love?

17. What kind of boys do you like?

18. Do you still like someone?

19. Have you ever gone outside the country?

20. Is it a good idea to live in a living relationship?

21. Are you friendly with your parents?

22. What do you like to eat?

23. What is your favorite cookies?

24. Do you like making friends?

25. How many friends do you have?

26. Has someone proposed you till today?

27. What will you do if your X comes in front of you?

28. Do you like watching movies?

29. Do you want serious relationship or just normal?

30. What could be the qualities of a true friend?

31. Did you have an awkward situation?

32. What is your best movie?

33. What kind of movie do you like to watch?

34. Do you like watching movies alone?

35. Which is the best quality you would like in your boyfriend?

36. What will a guy do to impress you?

37. Are you fond of clothes?

38. Do you like to shopping?

39. Do you celebrate weekends?

40. What do you do on weekends?

41. Do you celebrate weekends alone or with a some special friend?

42. Do you like going to the party?

43. Whose company do you like best?

44. Would you like to go on weekends with me?

45. Do you like gentlemen or cool boys?

46. What have you noticed the most in mens?

47. Do you like painting?

48. What do you think of seeing nature?

49. Some place you want to go?

50. Do you like to travel?

51. Who is your idol?

52. Who do you love the most?

53. Are you still dating someone?

54. Is there anything special you want to do before you die?

55. Do you have any favorite place?

56. Am i a good man?

57. Are you bored when talking to me?

58. Do you dance?

59. Who is your favorite singer?

60. Are you someone's fan?

61. Do you ever drink?

62. Do you like to smoking?

63. What on earth do you like best?

64. How long do you sleep?

65. Do you like to read?

66. Do you go somewhere?

67. Would you like to go somewhere with me?

68. Do you like to hiking?

69. Are you afraid of something?

70. Is there anything that life has taught you?

71. What was the best day for you so far?

72. Do you regret anything?

73. What a good idea to spend time with nature?

74. What do you think when you go to places where rivers are mountains?

75. What do you do when you are sad?

76. Do you like walking at night?

77. Are you looking for true love?

78. What kind of person do you think I am?

79. What to do to show that you are important?

80. Do you like pet?

81. Do you have a favorite animal?

82. How do you like kids?

83. Do you like playing with baby children?

84. What do you think about marriage?

85. Have you ever dated more than one man at a time?

86. Did you have a crush?

87. Which college do you study?

88. Is there a subject in which you have more interest?

89. What will you do if you get back in time?

90. Do you like to cook?

91. What do you like to cook in the most?

92. What did you think of me at first impression?

93. Is there anything that you have not said till date?

94. Am i worth that you can share your words with me?

95. Do you like being alone or with someone?

96. Is there any craziest you have ever done?

97. Do you forgive when someone apologize to you?

98. Under which situation it is more difficult for you to forgive?

99. How important is trust in relationship?

100. Is there anything that can make you a close friend?

I hope you have liked these questions. And you will be happy to speaking it.