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Cute Status For Girls On Love Of Whatsapp 2021

Cute Status For Girls 2021. 'Don't judge me by looking at me'। Best Cuteness Status For Whatsapp, Because...

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Best Cute Status For Girls On Love 2021

There is a lot to like here, but I like your smile only. 🤗😊
I love the one who stays in my heart, more than my dreams. 💖🥰
Don't judge me by looking at me, because no one can judge cuteness. 🤨😎
I don't feel relieved until you laugh. 😑🤗
I am a flower, but you smell the flower. 🌹🤗
Do not expect that someone should take care of you, because no one can take care of you more than you. 🤗😉
It is my nature to forgive everyone, because I am not like others. 🙂😎
Your smile serves as a solution to my problems. 😊🤗
I am getting very bored and tired today. 🙄😶
I smile, but that doesn't mean its for you. 🙂😎

Latest Whatsapp Cute Status For Love

I talked to a very cute person today, know who? That was me. 😍😎
I forgive To give them one more chance. 🤗🤨
My cuteness comes not from makeup but from nature. 😊😎
I can not impress anybody Because i don't lie. 🤨🙂
If I save my energy, people think of me as lazy. 🤔🙂
Many people are cute. But I have not seen innocent cute like you. 🤗😍
I don't take tension with my mistakes, because I learn from those mistakes. 🤔😉
Love is lovely at first But love feels heaven when it's true. 🤗🥰
My heart starts beating very fast. When i see you. 😍😊
When someone truly loves someone, they believe in not showing. 🥰🤗

Top Cuteness Status In English

I am not one of those who say, I am among those who show it. 🙂😎
I'm cute with my nature, but I'm dangerous with my attitude. 🤗🤨
I cannot change my self respect for anyone. 😉😊
Learn to listen to bitter words, because I do not lie. 😊😎
Hate me it will be easy to stay away. 🙂😎
It is not my habit to say NO, it is my nature. 🤨😎
I make the rules of my life myself. 😎
I do not interfere in anyone's life, nor do I allow anyone to interfere in my life. 😉🤨
Do not guess my class by looking at me, because the high class of others starts with my low. 🤨😎
My identity is my beauty, and my honor is my attitude. 🤗😎

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